Ph.D / M.Phil

(AS ON APRIL 2023)

Name of the Teacher (Ph.D. awarded/ Pursuing) University Year of Award/ Year of Registration Title/ Prospective Topic Name of the Supervisor
Dr. Angana Sanyal Awarded Kalyani University 2001 Thomas Hardy’s Major women Characters: A Sociolinguistic Perspective. Dr. Basudev Chakraborty
Dr. Srabanti Bhattacharya Awarded University of Calcutta 2005 An Appraisal of the Drinking Water System of Kolkata (K.M.C) City: It’s Past, Present and Future. Dr. Subhas Ranjan Basu
Dr. Pushpa Tiwary Awarded Burdwan University 2005 Balshwari Reddy ke Hibhi Upanyash: Prerna,Pravav aur Prayoga. Dr. Vimal
Dr. Nandita Chaudhuri Awarded Jadavpur University 2007 Dissemination of Knowledge in Early India : 1500 B.C to 2nd century A.D. Dr. Nupur Dasgupta
Dr. Sunanda Mitra Roy Awarded Jadavpur University 2007 Chemical modification of Jute and Jute Cotton Union Furnishing Fabric. Dr. Kumar Kanti Mahalanobis  &  Dr. A. K. Samanta
Dr. Apala Dasgupta Barat Awarded University of Calcutta 2013 Growth and Realization in Auden’s Poetry & Anana of the 1930s. Dr. Shanta Mahalanobis
Dr. Samarpita Ghosh Ray Awarded Jadavpur University 2014 Shahrukh Khan: A Sociological Exploration of an Icon of a Globalizing Nation. Dr. Dalia Chakrabarty
Dr. Sharmistha Mukherjee Awarded University of Calcutta 2014 Physio- Chemical Studies on Jute and chemically Modified Jute. Dr. Asish Kumar Samanta
Dr. Sanjukta Mitra Awarded University of Calcutta 2015 Information Management through Archives of Kolkata – A Perspective Study. Dr. Swapna Banerjee
Dr. Vijaya Singh Awarded University of Calcutta 2016 San1970 ke bad ka stri Sahitya: Vividh Ayam. Dr. Jagadishwar Chaturvedi
Dr. Keya Dutta Awarded Rabindra Bharati University 2018 Rise and Growth of Medical Education in Bengal. Dr. Anuradha Kayal
Dr. Sarmila Paul Awarded Kalyani University 2019 Politics of Translation with reference to Select Short Stories of Mahasweta Devi. Dr. Baishali Hui
Dr. Priti Ghatani Awarded Jadavpur University 2021 Role of Women in Gorkhaland Movement : since 1986. Dr. Paramita Chakraborty
Dr. Kanak Kumar Jana Awarded Jadavpur University 2022 Canakyasutrani: Its relevance in Contemporary Indian Society. Dr. Piyali Palit
Dr. Apalak Das Awarded Jadavpur University 2022 Leprosy in Bengal c.1873-1956. Dr. Mahua Sarkar
Namrata Subba Pursuing Viswa Bharati University 2015 Emotional Intelligence and Metacognitive Knowledge related to Academic Achievement. Dr. Samita Anand
Swati Bhattacharya Pursuing University of Calcutta 2016 Women Empowerment through participation in Panchayats in select districts of West Bengal. Dr. Sonali Chakraborty Banerjee
Kinshuk Das Pursuing Jadavpur University 2018 Koch-Rajbongshi : Ethnocultural Consciousness in the eighteenth Century. Dr. Tillottama Mukherjee
Fauzia Javed Pursuing Jadavpur University 2018 Poverty & Human Rights violations: Analyzing the Power Dynamics in India. Dr. Kamran Modal
Ritwik Balo Pursuing Jadavpur University 2018 Archeology of the Comic Book Industry in India (1991-2014). Dr. Rimi B. Chatterjee
Ishita Biswas Pursuing Aliah University 2018 Supernatural and Mythical Elements in Hindi TV soaps: Perceptions of Women at Home of Kolkata Dr. Kaifia Ancer Laskar
Sayantani Maitra Pursuing Jadavpur University 2019 Gandhi’s Khadi in Bengal,1920-1946. Dr. Mahua Sarkar
Manab Mandal Pursuing University of Calcutta 2022 Intergenerational shifts in Parental Values and Styles in Kalyani: A Sociological exploration. Dr. Deba Prasad Chatterjee
Abhijit Saha Pursuing Bankura University 2022 Transportation Crisis of Calcutta in the twentieth Century. Dr. Mrinal Kanti Dhank
Pubalina Samanta Pursuing University of Calcutta   Effects of Bio Mordants and Bio –Cationization on Selective  Natural Dyeing of Cotton Textiles : Physical and Chemical Interventions Dr. Ashish Mukhopadhyay & Dr. Adwaita Konar
Debarshi Bhattacharya Pursuing Adamas University 2023 A Study on the Rise of Social Media Surveillance in Modern Times on the Pretext of combatting Fake News Dr. Sharmila Kayal Panda
Dipmalya Karmakar Pursuing Kazi Nazrul University 2023 Ambient Air Pollution of Urban Areas Dr. Paramita Roy Chaudhury

Name of the Teacher (M.Phil. awarded/ Pursuing) University Year of Award/ Year of Registration Title/ Prospective Topic Name of the Supervisor
Pampa Chatterjee Awarded Calcutta University 1993 Application of Computer Literacy in Schools- Some case Studies. Dr. Aditi Ghosh
Sushmita Das Awarded Jadavpur  University 1993 ‘’All in War with Time’’ Strategies of Defiance in Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Dr. Malabika Sarkar
Jayita Bose Awarded Calcutta University 2000  T. S. Eliot’s ‘Theory and Practice in Poetry. Dr. Seal
Samarpita  Ghosh- Ray Awarded Jawaharlal Nehru University CSSS/SSS 2001 Popular Hindi Cinema and Nation Building- A Period Study from its Beginnings to 1970s.  Dr. Anand Kumar CSSS/SS
Jyoti Gurpeet Walia Awarded Jadavpur University 2001 The Role of Stereotypes in Sikh Identity formation. Dr. Sudeshna Banerjee
Mantoo Das Awarded Calcutta University 2006 Kamleshwar ke kaatha Sahitya main Samajik  Chetna . Dr. Ram Ahlad Chaudhury
Sanjukta Mitra Awarded Calcutta University 2007 Information management System in Archives and museums of Calcutta. Dr. Swapna Banerjee
 Kanak Kumar Jana Awarded Jadavpur University 2013 Child trafficking: A Serious Ethical Issue. Dr. Gargi Goswami
Fauzia Javed Awarded Calcutta University 2017 “Voices of the Veiled “Tablights In Texts and Reality- A study of Selected Groups of Muslim in West Bengal. Dr. Bonita Aleaz
Apalak Das Awarded Jadavpur University 2017 Situating the Space: Courtyard in the 19th Century Colonial Calcutta. Dr. Mahua Sarkar
Siddhartha Sarkar Awarded Calcutta University 2018 Attitude towards Guidance Services in Schools: Teachers’ and Students’ Perspective Dr. Gautam Bandhyopadhyaya
Sayantani Maitra Awarded Jadavpur university 2019 An Emergent Self Help: New Light on the History Gandhi’s Constructive Work in Bengal, 1990-1946. Dr. Mahua Sarkar
Abhijit Saha Awarded Calcutta University 2020 A Study of the Advent and Evolution of Calcutta Tramways: It’s Impact on contemporary Bengali Society. 1873-1947. Dr. Rachana Chakraborty
Dipmalya Karmakar Awarded Calcutta University 2021 Mental Health of Adolescence. Dr. Saswata Ghosh
Anjali Debnath Awarded Calcutta University 2021 Disparity in Access to Drinking water in West Bengal. Dr. Subrata Mukherjee
Maniruzzaha Rahaman Pursing Jadavpur University 2022 Banking and Business Sentiments in a Dynamic Model. Dr. Bidisha Chakraborty