Honours Departments

The department of English dates back to 1961, the year of the establishment of the college. English has both been a compulsory subject as well as an elective subject at the B.A. level from the very first academic session, 1961-62. English was offered as an Honours subject from the 1962-63 session. Since its inception in 1961, the department of English has been one of the most popular departments of the college, attracting students not only from all parts of West Bengal but from other states of the country as well.
With the introduction of the CBCS curriculum in 2018, the department of English has embraced a modern syllabus that deals with every aspect of literature in English and trains students to pursue further studies in English. The advent of interdisciplinary approach in the English Honours syllabus has been properly catered to expose the students to the varied occupational opportunities. With its team of experienced, dedicated and well-qualified teachers, the department has acquired the reputation of being one of the best in the state. Apart from classroom teaching, the department makes use of smart teaching tools, conducts students' seminars and a range of other strategies in an attempt to bring the students at par with the best in the country. The sincerity and dedication of the faculty have been rewarding as many students have achieved excellent results at the university examinations over the years, pursuing higher studies within and outside the country as well as working as extremely successful professionals.

The establishment of the department of Education dates back to 1961. Originating as a department offering the B.A. (General) course of study, the Honours course in Education was offered from the 1984-85 academic session. Special individual attention and encouragement to the students from the faculty has been instrumental in ensuring good academic performances. Education as a subject has been a popular choice amongst students of the Humanities.
Education is an interdisciplinary subject which absorbs matter from subjects like Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, History, Statistics, Technology, Management and Current Affairs. It helps to delve deeply into human behaviour and creates educators and teachers to nurture young minds. Since it is inter-disciplinary, the subject has its door open towards management, teaching, research, journalism etc. The country's progress depends upon its education system. This system requires educators and educationists for its proper administration and regulations. It is only by studying the subject education that educational administrators can be made and they can guide the country towards proper educational progress. The department has been successfully producing students securing good academic results and future professionals of various fields.

The department of Geography is the only earth sciences department in the college. Established in 1961 with the establishment of the college, the department initially offered the undergraduate general degree course. From the 2005-06 academic session, it has been offering the honours degree course as well. With its dedicated faculties and staff along with student-friendly laboratory, the department aims at training the students to become competent new age geographers. Environment consciousness being the call of the day, geography as a discipline has emerged as a very relevant and contemporary field of study. The students of the department not only know about the earth as a physical entity but also get a perspective of its resources and their judicious use, making them environment-aware citizens of tomorrow.
The department organizes regular field-trips for the honours and general course students separately. Tutorials, class tests, remedial classes and students' seminars are regularly conducted for the evaluation of the students. A wall magazine Genesis is brought out yearly by the students of this department.

Introduced initially as a discipline for the B.A. (General) course from the academic session 1999-2000, the department has subsequently offered the honours course since 2004-05. The subject has been a popular choice among students from its inception and draws a substantial number of students in both the Honours and General courses. The sociology curricula, being highly relevant and contemporary in its focus, have motivated learners beyond its pedagogic interest. Students enrolled in the course not only express their interest in the subject but also regularly participate in seminars and interactive sessions. Initiatives have been taken by the department to supervise curriculum-based dissertations and field surveys. After graduating in Sociology from this institution, several students enrol themselves for postgraduate studies, diploma courses in related fields or aspire for civil services.

The department of Hindi has been in existence since the establishment of the college in 1961. As one of the oldest departments of the college, its aim is to impart quality education on language and literature. The department offers the B.A. (General) course as well as the compulsory MIL paper. The department started offering Honours in Hindi from the 2013-14 academic session. The faculty members have been able to arouse students' interest in the vernacular by holding regular seminars and creative writing sessions. Students are also encouraged to participate in these co-curricular activities of the department.

The department of History is one of the oldest departments in this institution. The department has been offering both honours and general undergraduate courses since the establishment of the college in 1961. The faculty has always been deeply involved in the academic progress and all-round development of the students.
Educational tours are regularly organized by the department in order to supplement classroom teaching with field exposure. The students of the department of History are also encouraged by the faculty to attend seminars and to present papers in departmental seminars.

The department of Political Science was established in 1961 at the time of the establishment of the college. Since then, it has been offering both Honours and General degree courses of study of political systems within the sociological framework, both at the macro- and the micro-level.
The department has been able to show a remarkable success rate of its students over the years. Some of the students have been able to establish themselves as distinguished members in today's society.

Rani Birla Girls' College, Kolkata, introduced a self-financed three-year undergraduate degree course in Fashion and Apparel Design, affiliated to the University of Calcutta, from the 2008-09 academic session. The department offers students an opportunity to build up a career at the end of third year from college campus itself in one of the most promising areas in textile and garments.
Admission is open to all students who have passed 10+2 examinations from any stream, from any recognized Board. Also, students who have passed 10+2 examination in Vocational stream conducted by the West Bengal State Council of Vocational Education & Training are eligible to get admission into this course.
The course curriculum includes subjects like Communicative English, pattern making, garment construction, fashion illustration, surface ornamentation of textiles, accessory designing, wet processing, dyeing and finishing of garments, portfolio presentation, internship and project presentation, which allow students to build a career in consonance with a globalised economy and contemporary consumerist trends.
Practical classes are conducted in textile testing, garment construction, pattern making fashion illustration and computer labs. The department is well equipped with latest instruments such as Juki & Brother sewing machines, the latest versions of pattern making and designing software, textile testing instruments, dyeing machines, looms etc.
Further, the department offers industrial training to the final year students in well-known commercial houses. Job Placement is also offered to all the third year students at commercial houses of repute. Students of the department have proved themselves eligible for further studies at different universities across the country.

As the second Self-financed course of this institution the department of Journalism and Mass Communication is catering to the increasing demand of the subject since 2007. Offering Honours degree since the session 2008-09 this department has maintained its popularity as one of the most sought after course.

General Course Departments

The department of Economics, which was established in 1961, offers the B.A. (General) course in the subject. Economics, as a subsidiary subject, has an appeal to students of various disciplines. Also, knowledge of basic economics enables them to gain insight into current socio-economic issues and various national and international developments. The subject has been a popular choice amongst the students undergoing Honours courses in English, Geography, History, Political Science and Sociology, among others. The undergraduate curriculum in Economics (General) prescribed by the University of Calcutta is taught by the faculty with utmost care so that every student is able to grasp the concepts therein. Regular class and home assignments, class tests, tutorials and selection tests that are conducted by the faculty ensure that the students are well prepared for the university examinations. The department of Economics also encourages students to present papers on current socio-economic issues at the departmental seminars held regularly in the college and in other institutions.

The department of Philosophy was introduced in 1961, at the time of the establishment of the college. The department has offered the B.A. (General) course since the 1961-62 academic session. Even at the general level, philosophy, as the parent to all subjects, helps the students to get an insight into the basic principles of other subjects such as Education, Sociology, or Political Science. Logical reasoning skills are developed through classes on Indian and Western logic. Over and above regular course oriented studies, students are taught the ethical and psychological facts of life, the difference of myths or superstitions from reality and to rise above ordinary book learning.
The department conducts regular seminars and workshops for its students. It is also actively involved in the psychological counselling of students and, to this end, regular sessions are held in the college.

Major Course Department

The Communicative English department was established during the academic session 2006-07. The department offers a three-year degree course (Major) under the University of Calcutta. This is the first self-financed course of study introduced by the college. The Communicative English (Major) course was started in the college with the aim of enabling students to access the job world and to cater to the demands of the professional field. It is a job-oriented course where students learn to use English in their practical life as well as in the professional arena. The aim of the faculty is to enable students to gain proficiency in the four major skills of the English language, bearing in mind the demands of the business community in a globalized world. The department is equipped with an audio-visual English language laboratory to give learners access to the best learning tools of the day.