Advanced Learners

Library undertakes many initiatives for motivation of advance learning:

Open Access Library:

The College library transformed itself from closed access to open access library to help the readers to get direct access of the books and journals. All text and references books are on the fore front of users to have ready reading services spread among three rooms of the library with seating capacity of approximately 72 at a time.

IT Corner:

The library has provision of three computers for students and teachers for access to e books and journals and also other net surfing facilities restricted to personal mails and other social networks.

CD/DVD Corner:

The library provides a collection of CD/DVD in different subject areas, films related to text etc. for teachers and students.

N-LIST Programme:

The college library is an enrolled member of the UGC INFLIBNET programme named NLIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) since 2014. This programme enables college students and staff to access e-resources in all subjects. With the help of user ID and password, available from the Librarian, the users can access a huge repository of scholarly articles and other published works and can download the requisite texts they want digitally.

Library Extension Services :

The College library facilitates the library reading services to the ex-teachers and e- students under the nomenclature of 'library extension services'. For this a separate record register used to maintain.

Photocopy Services :

The library has A3 photocopier machine to help the readers in getting the photocopies of library documents in limited version. Keeping in mind the copyright violation act, the library permits the photocopy of prescribed limited pages of not more than 10% of a document.

British Council Library Membership:

The college library acquired institutional membership from British Council Library (BCL), Camac Street, Kolkata. This membership helps the students and staff to visit and access the British Council Library collection without any membership fee. The cards for BCL are available from the college library during the college working hours.
The validity of each card is of one year. New cards will again be available once the membership is renewed. Along with library collection, members can also attend various programmes organised by the British Council Division.

Library Events (conducted by the college library):
a) One - day workshop by British Council Library

British Council Library Division in collaboration with the College Library has organized a small interactive workshop with the students of the College on encouraging library use. It was organized on 18th September 2018 at College Auditorium at 1 pm. Many teachers, along with the students, also participated in the programme.

b) One Day Exhibition on Rare Books

The central library of Rani Birla Girls' College, Kolkata celebrated the Librarian's Day 2018 by organizing a two-day book exhibition on rare and old books from its collections. This exhibition was organized on 17th August 2018 at 10:30am at the central library. The Rani Birla Girls' College is 59 years old college at the heart of the city Kolkata. It has various precious documentary collections in the library.
Notable documents presented in this exhibition:

  1. Ourselves: the college magazine from 1961 to date.
  2. Netaji Sandhaane
  3. The Mahabharata
  4. The Holy Bible
  5. Mankind 2000
  6. Puranik abhidhan
  7. TIME Capsules 1929, 1956, 1969
  8. Sanskrit English Dictionary
  9. Iranian: Parthians and Sassnians
  10. India's First Yearbook of Education
  11. The King's Story
  12. India Today
c) Book Fair

Library used to organize book exhibition cum sale under the banner 'Knowledge' in the College ground since 2006. All renowned Publishers & Distributors of Kolkata participate in this exhibition by putting up stalls and displaying a variety of books for all.
The book fair is usually conducted by the college in collaboration with T2, the campus edition of The Telegraph. They collaborate through advertising the event and reporting about the Book Fair in T2. The fair use to open to all.

d) Earn while you Learn Programme

Library also organized a programme 'earn while you learn' for the students. During the library transformation period from closed access to open access, the students were involved in book segregation and recording by reimbursing them for their jobs.