Vision, Mission and Motto


The college was established with an inspirational vision to serve as an ideal seat of learning aimed at promoting higher education and holistic development of young women learners of diverse social and economic background within a liberal, progressive and enlightened milieu.


As a premier and reputed institution committed to the goal of women's empowerment through higher education, the institutional mission is oriented to motivating learners to achieve distinction in academic, administrative and cultural spheres and to venture into self-employment or entrepreneurship.


The Sanskrit sloka has been the inspirational motto since the inception of the institution. It beholds the epistemic glory of pure pedagogy, learning and cognition. The esoteric exercise affirms, the sloka, is like partaking in something lofty, something higher and as sublime as intaking of the holy nectar or "Amrita".
The vision, mission and motto of this college is beyond a codified and enshrined statement. It permeates all institutional practices, everyday discourse and functioning.